Same-Day Service For Water Leak Detection in Tooele, UT

    Leaks in hard-to-access plumbing pipes, drains, and water lines not only waste water but can lead to extensive damage; particularly when pipes are located underground. Warm spots on concrete slab floors, cracks in your foundation, and wet soil in your garden can indicate underground leaks. As specialists in underground water leak detection, we can locate and repair hidden leaks with minimal disruption to your property. Our expert plumbers use the most advanced leak detecting equipment for water leak detection. Using high-tech equipment like in-line video cameras, microphones, and amplifiers, our experienced plumbers can pinpoint the exact location of a leak. Whether the leak is behind a wall, under a concrete slab, or beneath garden soil, we’re experts at water pipe leak detection.

    Noticing water surfacing in a particular area does not mean the water leak in the pipe is nearby. Some leaks are not visible and need to be located by professionals using special equipment. That is why it is vital to have a plumbing expert technician with the right equipment come out and locate the leak.

    Once the cause of your leak has been detected, your technician will discuss the best solutions to fix your plumbing leak. Your technician will provide you with a free and honest estimate for the services needed to properly repair your plumbing leak.

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    Call a professional from Oquirrh Mountain Services if you need help with water leak detection in your Tooele, UT home!